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About the Photographer

Hi, I’m Randi!


First off, thanks for checking out my work! I hope we hit it off and become best friends.

For as long as I can remember I've had a camera in my hand. I took my camera everywhere. I documented every event, every detail, and every person I knew. Seriously, I'm that girl with 800 facebook albums but one summer it all just clicked (no pun intended) and I decided to make photography my career.

It's been almost nine years since then and I can't even tell you how many amazing couples and people I've photographed. I've traveled all over the country capturing lasting memories and participating in way too many cha cha slide dances. If you're looking for someone to stand in the shadows-that's not me. I'll be there to capture all the little + big moments, i'll be your dance floor hype girl, and i'll make sure that you never have lipstick on your teeth.

Let’s grab a drink or hop on a facetime call, get to know each other, and find out why I’d be the perfect photographer for you!




Let's book a session

Randi Vasquez Photography

Chattanooga, TN

Tel: 478-747-4222

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Thanks for inquiring! You'll hear from me very soon!

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